VeloCore Noise Troubleshooting Guide

If you experience unexpected mechanical noise while using your VeloCore, we want to help! Here are a few things to try.

Check all hardware on the bike to make sure they are tight. In particular, there are several key areas that you want to be sure are firmly fastened, as they can create noise while the bike is in use.

*Tools needed to tighten hardware were included with VeloCore assembly:

Step 1

Check all of the stabilizer fasteners to make sure they are secure.

Step 2

Tighten the handlebar and seat post adjustment knobs, making sure they are not loose.

Step 3

Check the bolts on the base of the console mast, and make sure they are fully tightened.

Step 4

Using a wrench, make sure the pedals are tightened fully to the crank arms. Pedals should be very tight and should be checked weekly to ensure they are tight. Remember that the left side pedal is reverse-threaded, so it should be turned counter-clockwise to tighten.

Step 5

Check the three flywheel shroud screws, located on the left side of the flywheel. Note that the flywheel will need to be rotated to access all three screws.

If the noise is present while in stationary mode or only while in Lean mode:

Step 1

If you experience the noise only while in stationary mode, make sure the Lean Lock Knob is fully locked.

Step 2

If you experience the noise while in leaning mode, make sure the Lean Lock Knob is fully locked, remove the lower pivot shrouds and apply a few drops of silicone lubricant to the pivot point.

Continued Noise After Tightening Hardware

If you have tried the troubleshooting steps above and continue to hear the unwanted noise, please fill out the form below to receive an additional attachment that may help eliminate the noise. The attachment will be shipped at no additional cost to you. If you are not experiencing unwanted noise or if the above steps eliminated your noise issue, this attachment is unnecessary for the use of your VeloCore.

VeloCore Attachment

Small repair kit. Installation should take no more than 10 minutes.

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If these fixes do not solve your issue, please give us a call so we can help!

Depending on the nature of the noise, we may need to replace one or more parts to make sure your bike is working as expected.

You can locate our Customer Care hours and phone number on our Customer Service page.