TreadClimber 101 Video

Video Transcript:

Hi, this is Tim Arndt, BowFlex Personal Trainer, and this is TreadClimber 101. What we're going to do in this clip is we're going to show you how to use the machine as a first time user safely and effectively.

First thing, when you get your machine you're going to want some space around it. About 6.5' behind you and about 3' on either side.

Then, when you get ready to use the machine you want to make sure you have your resistance, as a first time user, on a low level. I typically recommend first time users to have around level three or level four. What Kelly is set on today is level four.

We've already got it set, so she's going to hop on here. Again, safely first. So she's going to put this clip on and that way, in case of an emergency and you have to get off the machine really fast the machine will stop on its own. It doesn't just keep running.

So we've got the level set to where we want and we're also going to start off on a low speed. About 1.5–2 MPH. And as a first time user you're probably going to want to use Quick Start. That way you have complete control over the machine. What speed it's going at, etc. The machine's not going to change on you so you're going to be ready to use it.

Also, to avoid tripping on the machine it's OK to look down at your feet at first. Just make sure you have a hold of the machine like Kelly does. That way you don't fall off. See how she's also stepping towards the front treadles that's going to be good. So you don't step towards the back because if you do that, see how the treadles don't move very much now. Same thing if you hold yourself up. So if you're doing that the treadles also don't move very well.

So what we're going to do is start off with a low resistance, a low speed and then we're going to build up from there. Also, safety. You got your clip, you have your space around you and you're ready to roll.

So this is Tim Arndt, BowFlex Personal Trainer and this has been TreadClimber 101.