Xtreme 2 SE Abdominal Crunch Video

Video Transcript:

Hi, Tim Arndt here, BowFlex Personal Trainer. We're going to show you how to do an ab crunch on the BowFlex Extreme 2 SE

First thing, we're going to setup the machine. On this, we're going to want to seat kind of low. About to where it gets your shoulders a little bit lower than the cross-bar right here. Next thing we need to do is change the position of the pulleys. Up into this cross-bar right here. We're going to take this off, move it up, and set it in there. We're going to take this handle from this position to that position. It's called the Hammer Grip.

Neil's going to sit down and show you how to do this.

He's going to tuck his elbows into his body, just like that. So these rest at about his collar bone. And from here he's going to curl down and stuff his elbows into his hips. Come back up, all the way up, extend that back, good. He's really flexing right here, as hard as he can. And come back up. That's good.

Another variation of this is to let go of one handle and he's going to do the same motion. Straight down. Go a head a hold it right there. What this cable is trying to do is pull him out of this position. Also, at the same time it's trying to turn his torso. He's actually resisting that. Which is going to work his obliques.

Go ahead and give them a couple of reps of that.

A final variation of this is making a turn. So he's going to aim his elbow over to his side, come all the way back up, extend and then curl like there. Almost like he's coming in at a diagonal.

And that's how you do a proper crunch, oblique crunch, on your BowFlex Extreme 2 SE.