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The Elliptical Built for Small Spaces

Discover the full-body, compact elliptical that fits your home.

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Small Footprint. Big Results.

Bringing cardio into the comfort of home should be easy…not a pain in the butt.

While standard treadmills and ellipticals provide great cardio workouts, they're bulky and a bit of an eyesore. What you require is something that's compact and space-saving enough to fit in your garage or studio apartment, yet robust enough to provide you with years of fun, variety, and truly addictive workouts; a full-bodied dream machine that packs a powerful punch, looks great in your home, and challenges you to be faster, stronger, and heartier each day.

That's why we built Max – a full-body elliptical workout packed into a 4' L x 2.5' W footprint.

It's an intuitive, gym-quality cardio experience that takes up less than 1/2 the space of the average treadmill. Need to switch locations? Built-in wheels provide easy transport, so you can zoom from room to room. Concerned about a low ceiling? If you've got 15 inches above your noggin while standing flat on the ground, you're ready to rock and roll. In a world full of ugly, bulky cardio duds claiming to be workhorses, Max is the elegant, versatile pit bull that might just make your room look bigger.

Fits Almost Anywhere

  • Max Trainer placed in a cramped garage The semi-crammed garage.
  • Woman working out on a Max Trainer in her bedroom The bedroom.
  • Woman getting a workout with Max Trainer located in the corner of a room The corner of a room.
  • Max Trainer is small enough to fit in the corner of a child's bedroom The semi-messy kid’s room.
  • Man exercising on a Max Trainer from his home office The work from home office.
  • Fit a Max Trainer in a studio apartment The studio apartment.
  • Garage
  • Bedroom
  • Corner
  • Kid's Room
  • Office
  • Apartment

No-Guesswork Assembly

Assembling your workout shouldn't be a workout.

At Bowflex, we take pride in crafting machines that you can easily assemble from home in 30 minutes or less. Check out this no-guesswork assembly video to see just how easy breezy it is.

Your Max will arrive in two boxes and includes all tools required for assembly.

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