15-Minute TreadClimber Interval Workout

Video Transcript:

Hi I'm Tom Holland BowFlex Fitness Advisor. This is the 15-minute interval workout for the TreadClimber.

Now the TreadClimber is a great machine to just get on and go steady state. That means you keep the same pace throughout the entire workout, but we need variation. Variation is what keeps our body's changing. So some days you're going to go steady state with the same pace, other days you're going to do a workout like this - an interval workout.

So we're going to start with a two minute warm-up. So we're going to start the machine. Daisy is going to press [start] and we begin. So two minutes, nice easy warm-up. We need to get the blood flowing. So Daisy's gonna walk for two minutes at a nice comfortable pace just like you would at home and we're gonna get that body warmed up. Then what we're going to do is we're going to alternate between 60 seconds going a little faster and then bringing it back down for 60 seconds. We're going to do that six times through and we're going to cool down for a couple minutes. That is a fantastic 15-minute workout.

So again nice comfortable place to start and then we're going to build as we go. Excellent, so again 15 minutes is to a lot of people they say "well that's challenging," "that's not challenging;" it's whatever you can do and what you want to make sure is that you're warming up and then when we do the interval you want to be challenged - not too hard, not too easy just a couple of gears above what you would normally do. We're about one minute into the warm-up, going to do another minute, and then we're going to get started. So it's going to be 60 seconds. Daisy's going to take up that pace, go a little bit faster, we're going to hold that for 60 seconds, and we're going to alternate back and forth.

Interval training has been around forever. It's a great way to vary your routine and there are so many different ways to do that. We're gonna give you so many different options. This is a nice simple way though to get started with a great 15-minute workout. Alright about 40 more seconds. Again, nice comfortable pace. You don't want to start to quickly; you want the blood to start flowing, moving through your body and then we're gonna get started. About 30 more seconds. Alright, so Daisy's going at a comfortable pace. This is where she's going to warm up. When we cool down she'll probably come right back to this pace, but for the in-between for those six intervals we're going to work pretty hard for about six minutes total workout time. And again a fantastic way to vary your routine. 10 more seconds.

So you know what, let's get started. She's going to start bringing up that pace. And I like to use a scale of 1 to 10. If Daisy was walking at a comfortable pace right there as she was that might have been a 4. Now you can hear the TreadClimber change the the pace, you can see her feet are moving a little faster, we're going to hold this for 60 seconds. Again start slowly, don't go too fast. If you're starting at about a 4 out of 10 intensity, this might be a 5 or a 6. Start slowly and build up as you go. And the great thing is before you know it the 15 minutes will be over, you will burn more calories than you would just going steady state. You want to do both workouts, but you want to vary it.

About 30 more seconds and then we're going to bring it back down. So very simple. Minute on. Minute recovery. Six times through. Great job. And again for many of you out there who are just getting started, TreadClimber is a fantastic machine because we've improved upon walking. How do you make walking better? You do it with the TreadClimber. So if you're used to doing a treadmill, this is going to feel a little different. So two miles per hour on the TreadClimber is is going to be more challenging so just know that and don't get discouraged. And now bring it back down.

That was interval number one. We're going to do that five more times through. This is going to keep your body changing. It's challenging your body in a different way. It's also going to keep you interested. As great as any machine is, if you constantly do the same thing we get bored mentally and physically the body starts to adapt. So she's gonna go nice and easy for 60 seconds, we're going to do it again. You have about 30 more seconds. A really simple way to do this: you do it in front of the TV, do it with music. I like to have different music going. Whatever is going to keep you motivated and keep you on the TreadClimber is what you want to do. Great job. You'll see the difference though. You really want a difference in your interval pace and your recovery pace. About 10 more seconds...we'll start our second interval. Great job. So the heart rate comes down, the heart rate goes up.

And start bringing it up for number two. Here we go. Now one variation if you want to change it a little bit, she could stay at the same pace for her interval - the fast interval - or she might take it up a little bit each time, just a tiny bit. So that's another way to do it. As your body gets warmed up you're going to be more able to kind of push that interval. But if you're just starting out, pick a speed that's your fast speed and your easy speed, and you go back and forth. Great job. Alright, you're about halfway there. Interval number two. Six intervals. So at the end of 15 minutes what you've done is you've done six minutes at a higher intensity. If you tried to do that for all 15 minutes, you wouldn't be able to do it.

So this is a way - interval training, you're probably hearing all about it/reading all about it - this is one of the ways to really maximize your routine. Alright and bring it back down, great job. That's interval number two. We have four more. Four more. Great job. And again I can't emphasize enough start slowly, and don't be discouraged. Everyone was a beginner at one time. You may start out doing just five minutes on the TreadClimber. You're going to build up to this. This is a little bit more advanced, but you're going to find what works for you as far as intensities and speed. And the TreadClimber is going to grow with you. So you'll find the more you do a workout like this, suddenly that speed interval is going to be higher. You may do the speed interval at 2, and a couple weeks from now you're going to be doing it 2.2 or 2.5, and that's the beauty of the TreadClimber. You have to get stronger over time and you will.

Alright about 15 more seconds, interval number three coming up. Great job, alright let's start bringing it up. This is number three, halfway there, halfway through the interval section. And once again if you're just starting out and you find that 60 seconds maybe too long for you, do 30 seconds. So you can do 30 seconds of the interval and recover for 90 seconds, so you're still doing the two minutes, but you're giving yourself a little room to grow. Great job. The key with exercise is to be consistent. It's not doing a lot, a little bit; it's doing a little bit a lot. That's what works, that's what makes it a habit, and that's what's going to give you results. Alright you are halfway through interval number three. Great job. Great job at home if you're following right along. You can watch the video and do it with us - a great way to do it. Got about 15 more seconds. Awesome. And just know you're doing great things for your body. You are doing phenomenal things for your heart, for your just your overall health, walking... And bring it back down.

See it goes by really quickly. Alright coming up on interval number four. But walking is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to start to get in shape. You know doctors will tell people who are just starting a fitness program walk. Right? And that's because it's low-impact. We've taken the treadmill and made it that much more effective with the treadles, with the pistons, and that's why 15 minutes on the TreadClimber for many people feels like a half hour on a treadmill. And that's great news; you're getting more results in a shorter amount of time. And that's the number one reason people have for not exercising. Right? You don't have time. So we're going to help you maximize your time, not only with the TreadClimber but with workouts like this. Alright about 10 more seconds. Great job. And let's start to bring it up. Interval number four. Interval number four, great job at home if you're following right along. And take your time. Give yourself time to get strong. Every workout you do is a workout that is going to help you get to your results. Right? Small steps get you to the finish line. Too many times I think we think about big steps and and trying to do too much too soon. Again every workout counts every workout adds up. Great job, 30 more seconds. You are getting there, you are getting to the finish line of this workout. I've worked with so many clients over the years and when they're just starting out, its walking. It's the small steps. It's... it's building up, and the better you feel about yourself the more you're going to get on the machine, the more you're going to use it. So you just want to start slowly and start to feel good about yourself, and then the workouts get longer, you get stronger. And it's better. And bring it down.

Two left, you are almost there. I love the final two. It's not the last one, it's the one before the last one. So you're almost finished. Great job. And again, I always say you have made an incredible purchase the TreadClimber, you're doing great things for your body, it's all about health. And if you have kids, I say to mothers, mothers that I've worked with over the years they feel guilty for exercising. You should never feel guilty for exercising. And the TreadClimber allows you to do this at home. Right? You can walk outside, but when you can't do that you take it inside. And your kids see you exercising, you are setting a great example for your kids. That's really important. About 20 more seconds. We all need to be great role models, as parents and when your kids see you on the TreadClimber, that rubs off on them so it's a great lesson and message that we send to our kids. Ready for second to last one? And start bringing it up again.

So once again: two minute warm-up, 60 seconds a little faster, 60 seconds a little easier, we do that six times through, we do a couple minute cool down and you're done. Great job. Once again though, I want you to do some steady state workouts as well. You want to mix up your routine. The human body is a really smart machine and if we continue to do the same thing, our bodies get better at it. So people say to me all the time, "you know Tom I've gotten on the TreadClimber and I'm doing the same thing, I've been doing it for 6 weeks/8 weeks/10 weeks and I've stopped seeing results." And the answer is you have to mix it up. So one great way to mix it up, is an interval workout like this. We're going to one great way to mix it up, is an interval workout like this. We're going keep your results going. You've got about 18 more seconds. One more recovery. One more interval.

Great job. Alright start bringing it back down. Final recovery. And if you're feeling good, if you're feeling strong, we have one more minute recovery and we have our final interval. Maybe this is where you take it up just a little bit more (only if you're feeling good) but you can challenge yourself. And the last interval is generally the one we remember and so that's the one where if you feel like you have a little extra energy, a little extra oomph, you can push it here. But you've done an amazing job. You've done five minutes at a higher intensity than you would have if you just went steady state. And that's awesome. Alright, coming up towards the end. You're doing a great job at home. Great job for your body. You have about 20 more seconds and then we're going to do that final interval. And again if you have that little bit extra, I want you to push yourself. Great. Alright, about 10 more seconds. We do one more interval, we're gonna cool down for two minutes or so, and then you're going to have completed an amazing 15-minute workout. Alright let's do it. Final one Daisy, take it up. Take it up at home, challenge yourself. Again 60 seconds, whatever you can do for 60 seconds. A nice challenging pace is what you want. It's not super hard, it's not super easy. It's just a couple gears up, and that is going to make all the difference. Awesome job.

It's all about variation; it's all about consistency. Feel good about yourself, you're coming up to the end of the workout. I keep saying it, don't ever say "I just did" when it comes to workouts, like "I just did 10 minutes" or "I just did 15 minutes" and words like "only," "I only did 5 minutes." All of those workouts count! All of those workouts add up. There is no small workout! Alright final ten seconds. Great job at home. This was your last interval. We're going to take it down and we're gonna cool down for two minutes. Maybe right around the intensity - and bring it down - the speed where you started. This is really important too. Don't skip the cool down. It's important to let your body slow down, it's for safety reasons, it's for physiological reasons. So you're going to take a nice easy two minutes and let the body cool down. Awesome job! You just did six intervals of six minutes.

Once again in 15 minutes, you just upped the intensity, you upped the calorie burn, you varied the routine, and that will keep your results coming. Alright, about 90 more seconds. Great job. So you may do this workout today. Tomorrow you may get on and do steady state. So you want to alternate the workouts. If you have more time, the great thing is, if you have 15 minutes you go "I'm going to do an interval workout" like this. If you have longer, then you might go steady state. So you kind of pick your workouts based on the amount of time you have. Awesome job. You have one final minute. Final minute. You know what? Even take it down a tiny bit so you might even want to just slow it down for that final minute and this is it.

Amazing 15-minute workout. Do this along with me a couple times a week with Daisy. Great way to get a great effective 15 minute session in and your body is going to change. You have about 40 more seconds. Feel really good about you, what you just did, challenge yourself, keep a journal. You're going to see progression over time and you're going to be amazed at where you started and where you finish. Final 30 seconds. Awesome job. This was such a great 15 minute session that is going to vary your routine, get you stronger, burn calories, make you feel better about yourself, and make you fitter. Final ten seconds. Great job at home. Thanks for working out with us. Put this workout back in, watch it, do it occasionally along with your other steady-state workouts, and your body will keep changing. And there you have it. Great job! That was the 15-minute interval workout for the TreadClimber.

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