SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbell and Weight FAQs

Are the dumbbells and weights easy to use and adjust?

BowFlex SelectTech dumbbells and weights are very easy to use. No assembly needed and they can be adjusted simply by turning the dials to the desired weight. The mechanism does the rest.

How do I adjust to the desired weight?

Simply turn each adjustment knob to the number reflecting the desired weight. You will know you have fully and correctly selected the number when you feel the adjustment knob settle into a notch and you hear a clicking noise. If you have not fully selected the desired weight and the knob is in between, it will lock and you will not be able to remove it.

How durable are SelectTech dumbbells and weights?

Covered with a unique injection-molded plastic, BowFlex® SelectTech® dumbbells and weights won't clank and clatter when they are set down. The cover on the dumbbells also keeps weights from scratching floors or other surfaces they might touch. And no matter how sweaty the workout gets, they are protected from corrosive rust.

How do SelectTech Dumbbells differ from other dumbbells?

SelectTech Dumbbells are a compact unit that replaces an entire set of dumbbells saving a tremendous amount of space in your home. The locking mechanism sets it apart from other adjustable dumbbells by locking in properly positioned weight plates so they won't separate from the handle. The sleek, smooth design enhances your workout area.

Are men and women both able to use SelectTech dumbbells and weights?

Absolutely. With the SelectTech® 552 Dumbbells, the weight can be adjusted from 5 to 52.5 lbs (2.26 to 23.7 kg). From 5 to 25 lbs (2.26 to 11.3 kg) increments of 2.5 lb (1.13 kg) are used; from 25 to 52.5 lbs (11.3 to 23.7 kg) adjustments are made in 5 lb (2.26 kg) increments making it versatile enough for strength trainers of all abilities.
The SelectTech® 1090 Dumbbells can be adjusted from 10 to 90 lbs (4.5 to 40.8 kg) in 5 lb (2.26 kg) increments for anyone looking for a more intense workout.
The SelectTech® 840 Kettlebell can be adjusted from 8 to 40 lbs (3.5 kg to 18 kg) in the following increments: 8 lbs (3.5 kg), 12 lbs (5.5 kg), 20 lbs (9 kg), 25 lbs (11 kg), 35 lbs (16 kg), and 40 lbs (18 kg).
The SelectTech® 2080 Barbell and Curl Bar can be adjusted from 20 to 80 lbs. in 10 lb. increments.

Are you able to get a full body workout with SelectTech dumbbells and weights?

Absolutely. SelectTechs allow you to work your entire body: biceps, shoulders, core and legs. Visit our dumbbell how-to page to see a complete list of dumbbell workout videos, our kettlebell how-to page to see kettlebell workout videos, and our barbell and curl bar how-to page to see barbell and curl bar workout videos.

When you turn the dials to adjust the weight, what happens to the left over weight plates?

The leftover weight plates remain in the base. The handle only picks up those weights that add up to the selected weight, and the dials must be set securely in order to remove the handle from the base.

Does the weight have to be equal on each side of the dumbbell?

BowFlex® SelectTech® Dumbbells provides the unique option of offset weight selection. Offset weight selection involves using a different weight setting on one side of the dumbbell relative to the other, assisting in supination and pronation of the wrist and forearm. During offset weight selection, the combination of weight plates selected will not be the same on both sides of the dumbbell, so it must be returned to the base in the same orientation that it was removed.

Do I need to purchase a stand?

Both the SelectTech Dumbbell Stand and 2080 Barbell Stand are optional; however, it is recommended. The stands provide correct positioning when lifting the weights to help avoid back injury.

Do I need to return the handle to the base in the same direction I removed it?

No. The dumbbell, barbell, and curl bar features a symmetrical handle and weight plates. As long as the weight is set equally on both sides, you can return it to the base in either direction.

How will I know when it is securely back in the base?

Return it in a vertical motion, perpendicular to the base. Do not tilt or move it laterally. It will fit smoothly back into the base.

Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.